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      Bergara has built its HMR Trainer rifle platform to similar specs, size, and overall feel as its powerful centerfire counterparts. It will allow you to train at length without spending a lot on the ammunition required for practicing with more expensive full-power centerfire loads.  

      However, this is no mere training rifle, but an extremely accurate purpose-built weapon in its own right. You can use it even when you don’t have access to a big bore long-distance shooting range. It will help you train as much as you want. 

      This way, you will be able to keep your skills absolutely razor-sharp and be ready to use them at a moment’s notice with your actual big bore centerfire platform.   

      The Bergara HMR rifle is manufactured in Bergara, Spain. It is accurate enough to be used for even the most highly competitive matches in the world. This is because the weapon comes suitably well-equipped with one of the most accurate production barrels you can find anywhere. 

      It features a 10+1 capacity magazine, so you won’t need to worry about running dry and reloading again and again during a fast-paced shooting session. The weapon also features an adjustable match-grade trigger that can be configured to your desired pull length.  

      Bergara’s B-14R: The Ideal .22lr Training Platform!

      This rifle has been specifically designed as the ultimate rimfire trainer, which is why it will work well within the standard dimensions of the REM 700 rifle platform. The purpose is to enable shooters to become comfortable with the B-14R HMR training platform and set it up as a clone for their centerfire rifle. Keeping this in mind, Bergara has ensured that their B-14R offers seamless compatibility with your original REM 700 bases, stocks, and trigger setups.

      The modularity of this platform also makes it perfect for customization. You can accessorize this weapon with a plethora of options that are available for big bore rifle platforms. For example, even the mag of the B-14R has been purpose-built as per the external dimensions of the short action AICS centerfire rifle magazine.

      It HMR features an 18-inch 414 barrel with a 1:16 twist rate. This barrel has been designed to stabilize the. 22-long rifle projectile to its maximum effective range. The stock features an adjustable cheekpiece for length-of-pull for a better cheek-to-stock weld. This stock also sports an integrated full-length mini-chassis that supports its free-floated barrel for optimum accuracy.

      There was a time when the long-range shooting discipline was the domain of a select few professionals. However, now it is becoming a popular sport. The B-14R training rifle will enable you to practice this exacting discipline by using inexpensive ammo, and at ranges that don’t have big bore rifle shooting facilities. 

      Bergara is known worldwide for the accuracy of its barrels. In fact, some of the leading gun makers in Europe and the US use this Spanish company’s barrels. The B-14R Bergara HMR is a welcome addition to their line-up and would serve you well for many of your long-range shooting needs.