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      If you are looking for a top-of-the-line very high-performance hunting rifle, the Christensen Arms Ridgeline is your very best bet. It has been equipped with an all-weather gunstock made of carbon-fiber composite material. This gunstock is mated to a light target carbon fiber wrapped barrel, crafted by Christensen Arms. A stainless steel radial muzzle brake completes the whole package.

      The Ridgeline hunting rifle weighs in at a mere 6.3 pounds so you won’t have to tote any extra weight on your hunting trip. Best of all, the good people at Christensen Arms back this weapon with a Sub-MOA Guarantee.

      This is the quintessential hunting platform. Light enough for extended treks up and down mountainous terrain, yet strong enough to take the abuses of the trail in stride. The carbon fiber construction ensures that there is no chance of warping the stock or a rusty barrel due to environmental conditions. Your rifle will be at its best for you to take that shot of a lifetime, even after you have trudged through miles of rain, slush, and snow.

      It comes with a 4+1 capacity so you will be able to take multiple shots in rapid succession in case you miss the first one. The silky-smooth bolt operation ensures fast reloading while you keep your eyes on your target.

      The all-weather stainless steel muzzle brake substantially reduces recoil and movement after the shot. This way you won’t have to fear shoulder bruising as is common with other powerful bolt action rifles. You can also easily remove the muzzle brake and install a device of your own choice, as per your requirements.

      Key Features

      • Aero-grade comprehensively carbon fiber wrapped barrel
      • Christensen Arms Bolt-Action Hunting Rifle
      • Very light 6.3 lbs. weight
      • Removable stainless steel muzzle brake
      • Guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA groups
      • Free-floating barrel for extra accuracy
      • Match grade chamber
      • Individually hand Lapped
      • Button rifled
      • Stainless steel thread protector
      • Enlarged ejection port for reliable extraction
      • 4+1 Round Capacity
      • Trigger Tech® Trigger
      • Smooth and improved bolt release
      • M16 Style Extractor
      • Dual Ejector
      • Black color with gray webbing style finish
      • Fluted bolt knob for very  fast and reliable operation
      • Soft recoil pad for optimum shooting comfort

      The rifle is chambered for the Hornady 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge). This is the magnum version of the increasingly popular 6.5 Creedmoor. It offers a higher muzzle velocity as well as a flatter trajectory to reach out longer than most other conventional hunting rifles.   

      The Christensen Arms Ridgeline is a state-of-the-art precision bolt-action rifle. The weapon has been constructed out of aero-grade materials. It offers impeccable accuracy, enabling you to take your shot, even at extreme hunting ranges. 

      Take the Christensen Arms Ridgeline with you on your next hunting trip and see the difference for yourself!