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      The Beretta A400 ‘Xtreme Plus’ has been appropriately named since it can handle just about all kinds of weather conditions. This is an extremely tough hunting shotgun, and you can rely on it to perform—regardless of the temperature and conditions.

      This semi-auto shotgun comes with Beretta’s industry standard-setting 26-inch ‘Steelium Plus’ barrel. This state-of-the-art barrel effectively ensures the best patterning possible, irrespective of the hunting loads you like to use. 

      Its 12 gauge semi-auto action is silky smooth—par for the course with a Beretta shotgun! It’s finished in digital camo to help you hoodwink the sharpest waterfowl. The weapon sports a 3.5-inch super magnum chamber that can handle just about every commercially available load today. The ultra-fine, semi-auto action along with a ribbed recoil pad help tame the recoil of even full-power, high brass loads. It is comfortable and easy to shoot, even during extended hunting sessions.

      This A400 comes with a 2+1 capacity which will give you an extra round over any conventional double-barrel hunting shotgun.

      The A400 Xtreme Plus: One of the Best Hunting Tools in Its Class

      The Beretta Company has been around for almost five centuries. They have used their extensive experience manufacturing quality firearms to create this exceptional shotgun.

      The weapon’s Steelium barrel features a wide 7×7 stepped rib topped with a fiber optic front sight. They have also added an integral mid-barrel bead for good measure. This nifty combination creates a clear-sight picture the second you mount your A400. It will enable you to aim your weapon with total confidence, even in low light, irrespective of the weather conditions during your hunt.

      This classic shotgun is suitably well-equipped with advanced features not available in other shotguns in its price range. Beretta has created this shotgun keeping the competition-shooting world in mind, and it mounts rapidly and smoothly so you can take game birds on the fly.

      Despite its powerful 12 gauge 3.5-inch chambering, it is one of the softest shooting hunting shotguns around. Its aluminum receiver mated to its heavy-duty, 26-inch barrel ensures a strong and capable shotgun. The extended charging handle makes for easy loading and unloading of the weapon, even in very cold weather.

      If you are in the market for a powerful, reliable, and durable hunting tool—you can’t go wrong with the Beretta A400.