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      Beretta’s A300 Outlander 12-gauge shotgun has been built from the ground up with the serious hunter and hobbyist in mind.

      This is a weapon that is as dependable as it is durable, and it is rugged enough to survive even the harshest outdoor environments. You can rely on it to give you shot after shot in any weather conditions on the field. At the same time, you can also use it as a sporting shotgun due to its high degree of accuracy and phenomenal reliability.

      Beretta’s engineers have gone out of their way to create an incredibly versatile yet highly affordable shotgun.

      Unlike many other weapons, the a300 Outlander can be field stripped very easily and cleaned without any special tools. If you drop it in mud or slush, you need not worry. Just open it, clean it and you will be back in business in no time at all. 

      The A300 Outlander follows the Beretta philosophy of being affordable as well as easy to use – both on the range, and in the field. Its black walnut stock makes for a functional yet gorgeous weapon that won’t lose its luster even if roughly handled. 

      Key Attributes of the A300

      This is a very soft-shooting shotgun that won’t give you a sore shoulder, even after a long day busting clays,

      • Its gas-operated semi-auto mechanism delivers unmatched reliability. You can count on it to feed even the lightest sporting loads.
      • It has been manufactured via the cold hammering process to ensure extra durability.
      • The lightweight barrel decreases its weight so you can carry it for hours in the field.
      • It cycles all target loads flawlessly.
      • It comes with three different chokes as standard.
      • It has a 3-inch chamber, so it is possible to shoot even the most powerful slugs without fear.
      • The A300 combines an improved gas valve with the classic Beretta bolt. Its locked-breech falling block system cycles the action with the help of a self-cleaning cylinder and piston. This not only keeps the action clean, but also releases excess pressure, so you can shoot even full-power high brass loads with ease. 

      If you are looking for the perfect affordable semi-auto shotgun for range and field use, the beretta a300 outlander is definitely the right choice. From its black walnut stock to its light yet sturdy barrel, this supremely reliable shotgun can be your faithful companion for many years to come.