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      The Beretta A300 Outlander is yet another great offering from one of the oldest firearms-making companies in the world. It is a tough and sturdy 12-gauge shotgun built for sports and hunting both. This durable and rugged weapon can withstand some of the harshest environments you can encounter on your hunt. Moreover, it is also reliable and accurate enough for all kinds of sports shooting activities.

      The weapon’s designers have combined incredible versatility, reliability, and affordability in the A300 Outlander. Beretta believes that a shotgun should be easy to clean in the field without any tools, and it should be equally easy to maintain as well. The Outlander remains true to this philosophy, and it can be fieldstripped and cleaned very easily even in the middle of a hunt. 

      The Beretta A300: The Ideal Shotgun for the Range and the Field

      As with all guns, the barrel is the beating heart of the Beretta A300. This is an all-new sporting barrel manufactured to exacting standards with the help of a special type of cold hammering process. The purpose is to create a barrel that is as accurate as it is durable. The ribbed barrel sports a front bead sight and its 30-inch length makes the gun easy to swing towards the target.

      The A300’s barrel ensures perfect concentricity and is exceptionally robust. However, it is also very light, so the weapon can be carried for long distances in the field. The barrel is in fact, part of the overall versatility and modularity of the A300 Semi-auto shotgun. This is why it has been designed for use with various types of field and target loads.

      The barrel muzzle features a convenient Mobilchoke internal profile equipped with three choke tubes including IC, F, and M chokes to ensure pinpoint accuracy, both on and off the field.  The 2-shell capacity also ensures that you can take a quick second shot should you miss the first one.

      The shotgun sports the traditional Beretta bolt with the locked breech falling block mechanism. However, the A300 also features an improved gas valve that comes with a self-cleaning piston and cylinder. This gas-operated system siphons off and vents any extra pressure caused by high brass loads to ensure absolute reliability and decreased recoil. 

      From busting clays to serious hunting, the Beretta A300 Outlander is the ideal sporting shotgun you can find in its price range.