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      We get a lot of assumptions about the G4G customer- she’s an expert shooter, he’s an avid hunter, they’re a marksman!  She’s rad, bad, and powerful. He really knows his stuff!

      Truth be told, we do get a lot of folks in our shop who fit that description to a T, but this isn’t the person we see walk in our doors 80% of the time. So who is G4G?  She’s someone’s mother, concerned about the latest events on the news.  He’s someone’s grandfather, unsure of how to protect himself as the years go by.  She’s someone’s daughter, freshly 21 and nervous to be on her own.  

      They are young, elderly, confident, scared. 

      And mostly, he or she just wants to know how to take their safety into their own hands. 

      Why am I telling you this?  Because as the years have gone by, it has become increasingly obvious to us that these people need a place to go.  A listening ear to guide them through the tough decision of choosing something they can trust to defend their life with.  These people have touched our hearts and given us an ever growing passion for what we do because we WERE this customer without a place to go.   We created G4G for people like us. We didn’t feel our needs were being met, we felt ignored in large chain stores and were too intimidated to ask questions. I personally had a physical limitation that made finding a firearm I could actually use very difficult, and was tired of being handed a .357 mag revolver by the few salesmen who would give me the time of day. We know there are countless individuals just like us, and want to share these people’s stories with you, to show you that you aren’t alone.  This is why we’re creating a new feature, entitled “We Are G4G” to share the stories of the amazing men and women who make us who we are- from the adventure-seeking huntress who loves the thrill of the outdoors, to the range master, to the timid beginner, we want to hear your stories.  

      If you’re interested in being featured on “We Are G4G” send us your favorite range day photo, or any picture that makes you feel confident and strong.  Tell us why you carry, and a little about your favorite firearm or holster. We’ll pick someone new each week to inspire and empower the internet!


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