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      Trainer rifles has significantly risen in popularity, a trainer rifle is a low caliber version of the same gun in weight, dimension and visuals. The cartridge used in trainer rifles are usually a .22.

      Thanks to the .22 having almost no recoil and also the cartridge has bearable noise when discharged, it is perfectly suited for people in all ages and gender, kids can have fun without worrying about recoil, women that is starting out enjoying the world of guns can ease themselves in with a .22 trainer rifle.

      These trainer rifles are not just for show either, they can be incredibly accurate, and you can set them up the same way you set up your original rifle since they are generally the exact replica, this is one of the reasons it is called a trainer rifle, you can basically train with the same gun but you don’t have to worry about the recoil and cost of the high caliber cartridge.

      All in all, they are great guns to just have some fun by yourself or with your family, .22 cartridge is extremely common and it is cheap, so you won’t worry about burning through hundreds of dollars’ worth of ammunition either, what more can you ask for?

      Now let’s look at one of the best trainer rifles for the REM700 platform

      The Bergara B-14 HMR Trainer .22LR

      This rifle was designed to have a similar size and feel as the REM700, without the high cost of ammunition. It’s perfect for use in areas where you might not have a long-distance range available to train at and want to keep your skills sharp.

      Bergara rifles are made in Bergara, Spain where they make some of the finest production rifles and barrels in the world.

      If you do a little research about the Bergara HMR Trainer .22LR, you’ll quickly realize that almost everyone is pleased with these rifles and they leave a positive comment in online stores.

      You can purchase, read about the detailed features of this great gun and check out the reviews left in our own website, click here.

      So, to sum it up, we wrote about how much easier it is to shoot trainer rifles compared to their original bigger cartridge versions, how you can enjoy them with your family. If you don’t have a long-distance range where you live, you can keep your skills sharp with the trainer rifles and you won’t be breaking bank while doing it!

      We hope we were able to teach you about these great guns and add a fun gun to your arsenal!