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      All of us at G4G want you to have the best, most informed buying experience possible.

      Many of you have asked the same questions:

      What comes in the box?

      Many customers have expressed concern over the contents of the box as their orders from other vendors were missing contents. The customers have experienced other vendors removing extra magazines and accessories from the box to be sold separately. When you order from G4G you will receive the gun you ordered as it came from the factory with all the contents included from the factory. (Some contents maybe illegal in your state, if so we will contact you before shipping).

      Why are some slots empty?

      Manufacturers often use the same box for many different guns, they can reduce costs by using the same box over different variations of the same product. A gun may be offered with a cleaning kit while a similar product that will fit in the same box is not offered with a cleaning kit. This can be true with many variations of accessories.

      Why is this gun more money than the other gun that looks the same in your listing?

      The same gun is often offered from the manufacturer with different features, think of them as new cars on the lot two cars look the same, same color same tires but one has a lower price tag. When you look closely you see one with a higher price tag is fully loaded, turbo, power everything, and the other is a no-frills base model. To look at them side by side they look identical. Same thing with guns, manufacturers often offer the same gun in a base model, and several variations with upgraded features, night sight, optic cut, extra mags, adjustable sights, different grips and more.

      While we will remain focused on unboxing videos. Many of you have shown an interest in different videos, cleaning, range experience etc. If you have any videos you would like to share, we would be happy to add them to our channel please submit your videos here.

      What does this gun look like?

      We do our best to show every angle we can so you can have a clear view of the product.

      All guns are safety checked before filming and the camera is positioned in such a way that the operator is not behind the view screen and not in line with the barrel, these safety measures allow us to show you every angle of the firearm. We take gun safety very seriously.