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      The X-Bolt Long Range Pro by the venerable Browning firearms company is an all-new offering chambered in the 6.5 Creedmoor caliber. This is a very accurate precision rifle that comes with proprietary barrel lapping while the action, stock, and the fluted and heavy contour barrel are all Cerakote finished.

      The Browning brand name certainly needs no introduction to firearms enthusiasts, since it was John Moses Browning’s brainchild. The man pretty much single handedly invented the world of firearms as we know it today!

      The XBolt is another chip off the Browning block and it has been a clear winner since its production started in 2017. As its very name implies, this is the long-range variant of the original XBolt Pro.

      It has been equipped with a much heavier profile barrel than its XBolt Pro counterpart for increased accuracy even at very long distances. The XBolt Long Range Pro is considered a semi-custom rifle because it contains several specialized finishing touches, not to mention very high-end construction.

       In fact, in terms of overall fit and finish, not only is it much better than most competing rifles, but also superior to the already top-tier X-Bolt family itself.

      Key Features of the Xbolt Long Range Pro

      • This rifle features a cutting-edge true carbon fiber stock that is extremely lightweight and rigid and it is filled with revolutionary noise-dampening foam for extra shooting comfort.
      • It sports a durable Cerakote finish not just on the barrel and the action.  But also the stock for added protection against the elements. You can take this rifle on any hunting trip in any weather without worrying about its finish. Moreover, the burnt bronze shade aids in concealability, both in and out of your blind.
      • It has a free-floating barrel for extra accuracy, while its recessed muzzle crown helps protect the internal rifling from any damage on the trail. This barrel also features Browning’s own proprietary lapping process to ensure consistent accuracy, shot after shot. As an added bonus, your XBolt doesn’t need a break-in period to deliver unmatched performance.
      • This all-new rifle also has an equally new three-lever ‘Feather Trigger’ system that has a very clean break and no creep.
      • The rifle’s Inflex technology-equipped recoil pad can dampen recoil and it can change its direction as well. 

      All in all, the browning xbolt Long Range Pro is the ideal companion for your next trip in the coming hunting season!