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      Bergara HMR Trainer – B14R001

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      (7 customer reviews)

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      Bergara B-14R .22LR HMR Trainer Gray 18″ B14R001

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      Additional information

      Weight 0.578125 lbs


      22 LR






      Bolt Action


      10 + 1


      Matte Black


      Synthetic Stock Molded Mini-Chassis Stock


      1 10 rd.





      Product Description

      The Bergara HMR Trainer was built to have a similar size and feel as its centerfire counterparts, without the high cost of ammunition. It’s perfect for use in areas where you might not have a long-distance range available to train at, and want to keep your skills sharp. Bergara HMR rifles are manufactured in Bergara, Spain where they make some of the finest production barrels in the world.

      Bergara Features

      The following features and specifications apply to this Bergara bolt-action rifle.

      Manufacturer Model Number: B14R001
      Manufacturer: Bergara
      Model: HMR Trainer
      Caliber: 22 LR
      Type: Rifle
      Item Type: Firearm
      Firearm / Accessory Action: Bolt Action
      Firearm / Accessory Capacity: 10 + 1
      Finish: Matte Black

      Stock Frame Grips: Synthetic Stock Molded Mini-Chassis Stock
      Magazine Quantity and Description: 1 10 rd.
      Overall Length: 38″
      Weight: 9.25 lbs.
      Shipping Weight: 11.1
      Feature: Adjustable Trigger
      Feature: No. 6 Barrel
      Feature: QD Flush Sling Mounts
      Optic Adjustable Objective: false
      Optic Reticle Illuminated: false

      The Bergara B-14R .22LR HMR Trainer is designed and built to be incredibly accurate full size precision trainer. The B-14R Bolt Action Rifle was years in the making. Our goal was simple: make the best production precision .22 possible for both beginners and seasoned competitors.

      The Bergara B-14R was a product that our customers and enthusiasts had been requesting for quite some time and with our expertise and the growing participation in NRL22 and PRS .22 competitive matches, we delivered a product that’s on target and exceeded expectations.

      This rifle is designed as a true rimfire “trainer” that works within the dimensions of a REM700 platform, allowing shooters to have similar size and feel to their centerfire rifle, or even set up as a clone to their centerfire to train with. It, therefore fits REM700 compatible stocks, bases and triggers.

      This being the case, it gives a perfect platform to allow any shooter the ability to customize their rifle with all kinds of compatible accessories already on the market. The magazine is a single stack magazine that is built within the same dimensions as a standard short action AICS mag.

      With the growing popularity of long-range shooting, this gun allows shooters to practice their disciplines at a more affordable price and in areas where longer ranges may not be available.


      A Trainer Model

      • This rifle is designed as a true rimfire “trainer” is that it works within the dimensions of a REM700 platform, allowing shooters to have a similar size and feel to their centerfire rifle, or even set up as a clone to their centerfire to train with. It, therefore, fits REM700 compatible stocks, bases, and triggers.


      • 4140 Bergara barrel and 18” length
        1:16 Twist


      • Floating Bolt Head Desing W/Non-Rotating Gas Shield

      HMR Stock

      • The Bergara HMR stock Molded with mini-chassis, integrated OD flush cup sling mounts and swivel mounts, adjustable cheek piece and length-of-pull. Full-length integrated mini-chassis for repeatable bedding and supports fully free-floated barrel.


      • The magazine is a single stack 10-Round capacity AICS style magazine.

      About Bergara

      Manufactured in Bergara, Spain, a region known to produce some of the finest guns in the world, Bergara has combined the best barrel manufacturing equipment with a resolute commitment to quality and value. This superior technology combined with decades of barrel making experience delivers a production barrel that performs like it was custom made.

      With the most technically-advanced barrel manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art machinery, and an unwavering commitment to quality, Bergara Barrels has become the barrel source of numerous top-tier gun manufacturers in both Europe and the United States. Now, with Bergara Rifles we are producing a full line of precision rifles, engineered and built to showcase the performance capabilities of our world-class barrels.

      At Bergara we believe that a precision rifle requires not only the best components, but also an assembly process that is carried out by individuals who are the best of the best at their craft. For this reason, we brought together a team of the world’s most talented and experienced rifle builders.

      It all began several years ago when we first began with a small line of custom rifles and one top-notch craftsman, the former Production Chief & Chief Instructor for the United States Marine Corps Precision Weapons Section. As Bergara rapidly grew, we then assembled a hand-picked group of his best PWS alumni, the guys who built the rifles used by US Marines both in combat and competition all over the world.

      Today, these Marines still form the core of our production team, passing their knowledge and expertise on to every new employee, and thereby bringing their own real-world experience and expertise to every Bergara rifle.

      About .22LR

      In terms of units sold it is by far the most common ammunition in the world today. Common uses include hunting and shooting sports. The .22 Long Rifle is effective at short ranges and has little recoil making it ideal for training.

      The .22 LR is effective to 150 yd (140 m), though practical ranges tend to be less. After 150 yd, the ballistics of the round are such that it will be difficult to compensate for the large “drop”. The relatively short effective range, low report, and light recoil have made it a favorite for use as a target-practice cartridge.

      As a hunting cartridge, rimfires are mainly used to kill small game up to the size of coyotes. Although proper shot placement can kill larger animals such as deer or hog, it is not recommended because its low power may not guarantee a humane kill.

      .22LR Variants

      The variety of .22 LR loads are often divided into four distinct categories, based on nominal velocity:

      • Subsonic, which also includes “target” or “match” loads, at nominal speeds below 1,100 feet per second (340 m/s).
      • Standard-velocity: 1,120–1,135 feet per second (341–346 m/s)
      • High-velocity: 1,200–1,310 feet per second (370–400 m/s)
      • Hyper-velocity, or Ultra-velocity: over 1,400 feet per second (430 m/s)

      The Bergara B-14R is an amazing gun that has a number of uses, whether you are hunting small game, target practicing, teaching beginners that are not used to the sound of bigger caliber ammunition and many more, this bolt action rifle is one of the best if not the best in its class.

      The new B-14R has been requested by enthusiasts and beginners alike for a long time, finally it is within the reach while also being lot more affordable than bigger caliber bolt-action rifles.

      Official Bergara HMR Introduction Video

      Bergara HMR Bolt Action Rifle Unboxing, Assembly, and Review Video

      Bergara HMR Specifications

      .22 LR

      No. 6 taper


      Barrel length

      Threaded muzzle
      1/2-28” with thread protector

      9.2 lbs.

      38” overall with spacers

      Mag capacity
      10 round AICS style magazine

      Scope mounts
      6-48 screws, Rem 700 compatible

      The Bergara HMR stock, integrated OD flush cup sling mounts and swivel mounts, adjustable cheek piece and length-of-pull. Full-length integrated mini-chassis for repeatable bedding and supports fully free-floated barrel.

      Customer Questions & Answers

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      7 reviews for Bergara HMR Trainer - B14R001

      1. Kritschg (verified owner)

        Holy crap this gun is amazing. Sub MOA with Lapua Long Range ammo. Moved from a RPR 22LR, good MOA shooter but nothing like the Bergara.

      2. Luke (verified owner)

        With cheap ammo, I’m shooting sub MOA. Did some hand reloads and it got even better.

      3. Andrew (verified owner)

        Best in the price range, real fun to shoot.

      4. John (verified owner)

        Finish is great, and it feels sturdy. Shoots straight no complaints.

      5. Matt (verified owner)

        Easiest rifle I’ve ever shot, 1 MOA at 100 yards with ease.

      6. Guest (verified owner)

        Very accurate, incredibly smooth bolt. Great gun.

      7. Mark (verified owner)

        Great accuracy, one of the most accurate guns I’ve ever bought out of the box

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