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      ARMS 50443 45ACP 230 FMJ VALUE PACK 100


      Armscor 50443 Pistol Value Pack 45 ACP 230 gr Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Value Pack 100 Bx/ 12 Cs

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      UPC: 4806015504436 SKU: G4G-134134-1 Categories: ,

      Additional information

      Weight 4.85 lbs
      Dimensions 5.8 × 3 × 2.8 in

      45 ACP

      Bullet Type

      A-Frame Pointed Soft Point, A-Max, Accu Tip-V, AccuBond, AccuBond CT, AccuBond Long Range, AccuTip, AccuTip Boat Tail, AccuTip-V, AccuTip-V Boat Tail, ARX, Ballistic Silvertip, Ballistic Tip, Ballistic Tip Lead-Free, Ballistic Tip Spitzer, Barnes Banded Solid, Barnes Expander BRX, Barnes LRX Lead Free, Barnes TAC-XP, Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free, Barnes Tipped TSX Lead Free, Barnes Triple-Shock X, Barnes TSX Flat Nose, Barnes TSX Lead Free, Barnes TTSX BT, Barnes XPB, Barnes XPB Lead Free, Berger Boat Tail Target, Berger Extreme Outer Limits, Berger Hybrid Hunter, Berger Hybrid Target, Berger Jugernaught Open Tip Match, Black Copper Plated Round Nose, Blue Tipped, Blue Tipped Boat Tail, Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP), Boat Tail Hollow Point Match, Boat-Tail Hollow Point (BTHP), Bonded Hollow Point, Bonded Jacket Hollow Point, Bonded Jacket Soft Point, Bonded Match Hollow Point, Bonded Soft Point, Bonded Solid Base, Bonded Tipped, Bondstrike, Brass Enclosed Base, Brass Jacket Hollow Point, Brass Jacket Hollow Point (BJHP), Brass Solid, Classic Hunter, Coated Hollow Point, Colibri Lead, Complete Metal Jacket, Controlled Expansion Tip, Copper Expansion Projectile, Copper Extreme Point, Copper Hollow Point, Copper Plated Hollow Point (CPHP), Copper Solid, Copper-Plated Solid Point, Core-Lokt Hollow Point, Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point (PSPCL), Core-Lokt Soft Point, Core-Lokt Tipped, Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded PSP, Cowboy, Custom Competition, CX Custom, CX OTF, CX SPF, Dangerous Game Solid, Deep Penetrating X Bullet, Defense Tip, DGX Bonded, Dual Jacket Hollow Point, E-Tip, E-Tip Boat Tail, E-Tip Lead-Free, Expanding Point, Expansion Tip (ET), Extreme Point, Extreme Point Polymer Tip, Extremely Low Drag-eXpanding, Extremely Low Drag-Match, Flat Base Hollow Point (FBHP), Flat Base Tipped (FBT), Flat Nose (FN), Flat Nose Enclosed Base (FNEB), Flat Point (FP), Flat Point Jacketed (FPJ), Flex Tip eXpanding, FlexLock, Fragmenting, Frangible, Full Metal Case (FMC), Full Metal Jacket, Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJBT), Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail (FMJBT), Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose (FMJFN), Full Metal Jacket Flat Point (FMJFP), Full Metal Jacket Lead Core (FMJLC), Full Metal Jacket Semi-Wadcutter (FMJSW), Full Metal Jacket Truncated-Cone (TCFMJ), Fullbore Target, Fully Encapsulated Bullet, Fusion Soft Point, G2, Gas Checked Hollow Point, Gas Checked Lead Flat Nose, Gas Checked Soft Cast, GMX, Hard Cast (HC), Hard Cast Flat Nose (HCFN), Hard Cast Lead, Hard Cast Lead Flat Nose, Hard Cast Semi-Wadcutter, Hard Cast Solid (HCSLD), Hard Cast Wadcutter (HCWC), Hexagon, High Velocity Hollow Point (HVHP), High Velocity Match, Hollow Base Wadcutter, Hollow Point (HP), Hollow Point Boat Tail (HPBT), Hollow Point Boat-Tail (HPBT), Hollow Point Capped (HPC), Hollow Point Frangible, Hollow Point Match, Hollow Soft Point (HSP), Hornady ELD-X, Hornady FTX, Hornady Interbond, Hornady Interlock, Hornady SST (Balistic Tip), Hornady V-Max (VMX), Hornady XTP Hollow Point, HST Jacketed Hollow Point, HST Jacketed Soft Point, HST/Synthetic, Hybrid, Hybrid Open Tip Match Tactical, Hydra-Shok Deep Hollow Point, InterLock Boat Tail Soft Point, InterLock Spire Point, InterLock Spire Point-Recoil Proof, Jacket Hollow Point Sport Master, Jacketed Flat Point (JFP), Jacketed Frangible, Jacketed Hollow Cavity (JHC), Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), Jacketed Hollow Point Subsonic, Jacketed Hollow Point/Lead Ball, Jacketed Soft Point (JSP), Lead Flat Base, Lead Flat Nose (LFN), Lead Flat Point, Lead Free Frangible, Lead Hollow Point (LHP), Lead Round Nose (LDRN), Lead Round Nose (LRN), Lead Round Nose Flat Point (LRNFP), Lead Semi Wadcutter (LSWC), Lead Semi Wadcutter HP, Lead Solid Point, Lead Wadcutter (LDWC), Lead Wide Nose (LWN), Lead-Free Hollow Point, Light Armor Piercing (LAP), Long Range Hybrid Target, Low Recoil, LRX Boat Tail, M33 Ball, Match Hollow Point (HP), Match Hunting Very Low Drag, Match Very Low Drag, Matrix Tip, Medium Cast Hollow Point, Metal Case (FMJ), MonoFlex, Nickel-Plated Brass, Non-Lead, Non-Toxic Lead-Free, Non-Typical Soft Point (SP), Nosler Accubond (AB), Nosler Ballistic Tip (NBT), Nosler Partition (NP), Nosler Solid, NTX, Open Tip, Open Tip Flat Base (OTFB), Open Tip Match (OTM), Open Tip Match Boat Tail, Open Tip Match Boat-Tail, Open Tip Range, Oryx, OTM Boat Tail, Partition (PT), Plastic Tip Special (PTS), Plated Hollow Point, Plated Lead Round Nose, Platinum Tip Hollow Point (PTHP), Pointed Soft Point (PSP), Pointed Soft Point Boat Tail (PSPBT), Polymer Coated Segmented Hollow Point, Polymer Tip, Polymer Tip Lead Free, Polymer Tipped Copper, Positive Expanding Point, Power-Core 95/5, Power-Point (PP), Power-Point (PP) Subsonic, Pro-Hunter (PH), Protected Hollow Point, PSP Interlock BT, Punch Flat Nose, RHT, RNP, Round Nose (RN), Round Nose Ballistic Tip, Round Nose Banded Solid, Round Nose Flat Point (RNFP), Round Nose Soft Point Boat Tail (RNSPBT), Scirocco, Scirocco II, Segmented Hollow Point, Segmented Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP), Semi Jacketed Flat Point (SJFP), Semi Jacketed Soft Point (SJSP), Semi Jacketed Soft Point Flat, Semi Wadcutter (SWC), Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point (SWCHP), Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP), Shotshell #4 Shot, Shotshell #9 Shot, Sierra BlitzKing, Sierra GameChanger, Sierra GameKing, Sierra GameKing Boat-Tail Soft Point (BTSP), Sierra GameKing Hollow Point Boat Tail, Sierra GameKing Spitzer Boat-Tail, Sierra HPBT, Sierra MatchKing, Sierra MatchKing Boat-Tail Hollow Point (BTHP), Sierra MatchKing BTPT, Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boat-Tail, Sierra MatchKing Open Tip Match (OTM), Sierra Tipped GameKing, Silvertip Hollow Point, Soft Cast Hollow Point, Soft Point (SP), Soft Point Boat Tail (BTSP), Soft Point Boat-Tail (SPBT), Soft Point Cut-Through Edge (SPCE), Soft Point Power-Shok (SPPS), Soft Point Round Nose (SPRN), Solid Brass Spun, Solid Copper Spun, Solid Core Synthetic, Solid Point, Speer Boat-Tail Soft Point (BTSP), Speer Gold Dot, Speer HAM'R Bonded, Speer HAM'R Hot-Core, Speer TNT Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), Spire Point (SP), Spitzer, Spitzer Boat Tail (SBT), Spitzer Soft Point, Spitzer Supercharged, Split Core Jacketed Hollow Point, SST, SST Polymer Tip BT, StarFire Hollow Point, Sub-X, SubSonic, Swift A-Frame, Swift A-Frame (SWFR), SWift A-Frame Vital-Shok (SAFVT), Swift Scirocco Bonded (SSB), Swift Scirocco II, Swift Scirocco II Boat Tail Spitzer, Synthetic Jacket Wadcutter, TAC-TX Boat Tail, TAC-TX Flat Base, Targetmaster Lead WC Match, Terminal Ascent, Terminal Tip, Terminal Tip and Bonded, Throphy Bonded Jacketed Soft Point, Tipped GameKing, Tipped Hunting, Tipped MatchKing, Tipped TSX Boat Tail, Tipped TSX Flat Base, Tipped Varmint (TVP), TNT Green (TNTGRN), Total Full Metal Jacket (TFMJ), Total Metal Coating, Total Metal Jacket (TMJ), Total Syntech Jacket Flat Nose (TSF), Total Syntech Jacket Flat Nose (TSJFN), Trophy Bonded Bear Claw (TBBC), Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid (TBSH), Trophy Bonded Tip, Trophy Bonded Tip (TB), Trophy Copper (TC), Truncated Cone Hollow Point (TCHP), Truncated Cone Soft Point (TCSP), Truncated Cone Solid, TSX, TSX Boat Tail, TSX Boat-Tail, TSX Flat Base, TSX Flat Nose, V-Max, V-Max Polymer Tip, Varmint, Varmint & Predator Tipped, Varmint Tipped, Versatile Hollow Point, Wadcutter (WC), Wide Flat Nose (WFN), Woodleigh Hydro Solid (WHCS), XTP Hollow Point, XTP MAG


      Bullet Weight

      230 gr

      Muzzle Energy

      368 ft lbs

      Muzzle Velocity

      849 fps

      Rounds Per Box


      Boxes Per Case


      Casing Material


      Bullet Coating




      Product Description

      Armscor 50443 Pistol Value Pack 45 ACP 230 gr Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Value Pack 100 Bx/ 12 Cs

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