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      The Brazilian Company Forjas Taurus has released a whole slew of striker-fired pistol offerings. The Taurus G3 9mm is one of their latest pistols that was introduced after the success of their G2C pistol.

      The G3 is the full-sized version of the G2C compact weapon. Unlike most other companies, Taurus introduced the G2C for the concealed carry market and followed it up with its large counterpart. However, it is not an outsized weapon and can easily be compared to the Glock 19. It is neither too small nor too large, but perfect for both concealed and duty carry.  

      Key Features of this Pistol

      Its many features enable this weapon to punch far above its price range. Some of the more important ones include:

      Ø  Triple Safety System

      The G3 has been equipped with several  external and internal safety features to minimize the threat of an accidental discharge

      The weapon comes with a thumb safety ala the 1911. It also has a Glock-like trigger safety.  Apart from these external safeties, there is also an internal firing pin safety that prevents the striker from moving until the trigger has been pulled.

      Ø  Restrike capability

      Taurus striker-fired pistols rose to fame because of this feature. Unlike most other similar weapons, the G3 has a second-strike capability. In case the round fails to fire, the G3 will simply go into double-action (DA) mode.

      This means there will be no need to pull back the slide and insert a fresh round when every second counts for a lifetime.  You will just have to squeeze the trigger and once the round fires, the weapon will automatically go into single-action (SA) mode, just like a regular DA pistol.

      Ø  Sights

      The G3 comes equipped with a tri-dot sighting system.  These white dots are easily visible even in low ambient light, while the rear sights can be adjusted for driftage.  

      The Taurus Brand

      Taurus is arguably one of the world’s most well-known gun manufacturing companies, not just in the US, but worldwide. In fact, it would be a rare firearms enthusiast who has not heard of this company. Their G3 line of striker-fired, semi-automatic pistols is among their more popular product series.

      With a couple of extra mags and your trusty Taurus g3, you can handle all of your EDC and home defense needs.