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      Bergara has created the perfect HMR Trainer .22lr rifle for serious shooters. They have built this rifle to be as close as possible in size and specs to its centerfire brothers- but with one crucial advantage. Its ammunition costs are much lower when compared to full power match grade ammo.

      This is an extremely accurate weapon in its own right and has been purpose-built to replicate the ergonomics and feel of the real thing. You can use this rifle even when you don’t have access to very long-distance shooting ranges.

      It will enable you to acquire all the training and practice you need to hone your skills to a razor’s edge so You will always be well prepared for your next mission in the field.

      Why Should You Prefer the Bergara HMR Trainer to Other Rifles?  

      The Spanish firm Bergara is renowned for the accuracy of its barrels. In fact, they are reputed to make the most accurate commercial production barrels in the world today.  The rifle has been equipped with an 18-inch barrel that has a 1:16 twist rate for optimum accuracy. However, it’s not just the barrel alone that makes the HMR such a great rifle. It has been designed to replicate the dimensions of the extremely popular REM700 BA rifle platform.

      The Bergara HMR Trainer rifle will enable operators to derive the same overall feel in terms of action and size as their actual big-bore centerfire rifles. Keeping this in mind, the HMR trainer has been configured to fit most REM700 compatible stocks, bases, and triggers.

      This means that you can equip your HMR Trainer with the same accessories as your field weapon. It will also allow you to test out all of your desired add-ons and customize the rifle as per your specific preferences.

      The HMR’s mag has also been built as per the regular dimensions of a short action AICS mag. It also has an adjustable stock that is fully customizable for length-of-pull to create the perfect cheek weld.

      The weapon has a  10+1 capacity and a fully adjustable trigger that can be adjusted as per your designed pull length. The Bergara hmr trainer rifle is the ideal practice weapon for serious operators. It is also a great training weapon for shooting enthusiasts who are new to the long-range shooting hobby.