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      Long-range shooting is one of the difficult disciplines in the world of shooting sports. In fact, long-distance precision marksmanship is almost impossible without the right caliber and rifle combination. This is due to the myriad variables that come into play. From wind direction to gravity, optics, and bullet drop, there are a host of factors that the skilled marksman has to take into account.

      However, the crucial element would be the inherent accuracy of the weapon itself. This is the part where the Howa 1500 rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, comes into the picture.

      There was a time when the 6.5 was considered a wildcat round, and there were few platforms that were produced to take advantage of its accuracy. However, the US Special Forces put paid to the doubts of all the naysayers.

      USSOCOM conducted an exhaustive battery of tests to choose the most effective and accurate round that can perform at very long distances. Here, the 6.5 Creedmoor outshone the conventional 7.62×51 round by a wide margin. This is why USSOCOM selected this caliber for their MG, assault rifle, and long-range rifle needs. 

      The Howa 1500: Exceptional Accuracy – Shot After Shot!

      The carbon fiber Howa 1500 is a precisely manufactured machine that has been engineered to perfection. It is the ideal combination of high-performance parts working seamlessly to create an exceptionally accurate weapon.

      The results speaks for itself. This cutting-edge weapon comes suitably well equipped with many features available only in top-end rifles. The Howa barreled action for instance, is carbon-wrapped and thread capped for extra protection against the elements. It is seamlessly joined to an HS Precision-created bed stock.

      Many other individual high-quality components are made of Kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Its 24-inch barrel gives sub-MOA groups at very long distances. All of this combines to create a formidable weapon that will give the best BA rifles a run for their money.

      The trigger plays a vital role in shot placement. This is why Howa’s engineers have equipped the weapon with their own Actuator Controlled Trigger. The ACT is a crisp trigger with a clean break and no over travel. It doesn’t have even a hint of grittiness that can spoil the aim of many rifles. This dual stage trigger has a perfect 3-lb pull for every shot. The rifle’s threaded barrel is also suppressor ready to take advantage of the many subsonic loads available today.

      All in all, the Howa 1500 6.5 Creedmoor is the best investment for professionals and sportsmen alike. If you believe every shot should count, you just have to add this rifle to your collection.