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      Hunting rifles comes in varying calibers, prices and sizes. Choosing the correct rifle for the game you are hunting is highly important and plays a big role in your effectiveness and also the succession of the hunt.

      Bigger than necessary caliber going to ruin a small game, a smaller than required caliber going to fail at dealing a lethal blow to the target animal, so there are more to it than buying the first hunting rifle you fancy on the shelves.

      Hunting is part of our lives since the first human got hungry and followed his/her instincts to hunt an animal, nowadays we are much better equipped at hunting just not as hungry, it has become more of a sport and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are doing it according to the law and respecting the positive growth of the animals you hunt.

      Hunting can be enjoyed as a family, kids can use weapons that can effectively and humanely kill small game like rabbits, pheasants, quails, grouses, turkeys, squirrels etc., generally speaking you would use a version of .22 to hunt these animals.

      .22 Rifles are great for introducing people into shooting and hunting, teaching them the necessary skills to grow them into competent shooters so they can successfully hunt.

      So, you trained your aim, you got used to hunting small game now what? Well, you can kick it up a notch by going to 6.5 PRC cartridge, it is a wonderful round for hunting big game such as deer and elk, now to hunt bigger game like bear and moose you need a perfect shot placement. A well-placed shot can take these animals down in a single round from this cartridge.

      Now let’s introduce you to one of the best 6.5 PRC hunting rifles we currently sell on our website

      Christensen Arms Ridgeline 6.5 PRC

      The Ridgeline is a hunting rifle made for high-performance, you won’t see any parts used on this rifle less than a match-grade.

      The Ridgeline features a stainless-steel radial muzzle-brake on the tip of the carbon fiber wrapped barrel, the gunstock is also made from carbon-fiber composite. So, with all these high-end materials used, it weighs only 6.3 lbs., the Ridgeline has a guaranteed sub-MOA accuracy by Christensen Arms.


      • Christensen Arms 416R Stainless-Steel Aero-grade Carbon Fiber wrapped barrel
      • Match-grade Chamber
      • Internal 4-Round capacity magazine
      • Twin Lug, Spiral Fluted Bolt
      • M16 Style Extractor
      • Sportier style Carbon Fiber Composite Stock
      • Recoil Pad

      Are some of the many features in a long list, simply put, this rifle is designed for extreme-performance and pinpoint-accuracy.

      The Ridgeline 6.5 PRC is a big step-up from ordinary hunting rifles, it is not only about the caliber of the gun, the difference comes in the form of extremely high-end parts and materials used on this gun.

      If you want to reach long distances with sub-MOA accuracy and have the ability to hunt big games like we mentioned earlier, this is it!

      You can click here to go to our Christensen Arms Ridgeline page and order yours today!