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      The Bergara HMR Trainer is not just any ordinary training rifle that will help you prepare for the centerfire rifle world. It is, in fact, a highly accurate and reliable weapon in its own right.

      It’s perfect for use in all those areas where it’s impossible to use a powerful centerfire rifle. It is also the ideal platform for places where long-distance shooting ranges are not available. This rifle will help you keep your skills honed to a razor’s edge when you need them the most.

      Taking Care of Your Bergara HMR Trainer

      Every Bergara rifle has to pass through very stringent quality control processes before it leaves the factory for onward distribution.

      These rifles are coated with oil-based protectants for better protection during transit. Since the weapon will have to go through various humidity levels at warehouses all over the world, every part is liberally coated with these oils. You will have to clean the chamber, bolt, barrel, and all the trigger assembly parts before your rifle is ready for operation.

      Once you unbox your brand new Bergara, you should clamp it in a gun vise and run a few solvent patches through its barrel. Don’t pull back the patch again in the direction the projectile will move. Rather, push it from the barrel end to the receiver end, and use a fresh patch for subsequent cleaning.

      No need to worry if you see any fouling on your patches. This is not the sign of a used rifle but one that has been thoughtfully well- oiled for transport by the manufacturer.

      Cleaning the Action and Trigger

      The manual of arms is the same for a brand new Bergara as it is for one you want to clean after a long session in the field. You might consider removing the barreled action completely to clean it. Alternatively, you can simply clean it with the help of solvents and brushes without disassembling your rifle.

      There is no need to take apart the trigger assembly either. You can use a patrol-based cleaning agent to remove all the excess grime and oil. It won’t leave any residue since it will evaporate rapidly.

      Once you have all the metal surfaces well cleaned and lubricated, you should put the rifle back together again. However, it is pertinent to note that over-lubrication is almost as bad as no lubrication. The excess oil becomes a magnet for powder, dust, and other residues. You should lightly coat the action with a drop or two of any well-known brand of gun oil. Don’t lubricate the barrel unless you want to store the rifle for a very long time. If you oil the insides of the barrel, make sure you wipe the barrel clean so that it is bone dry before you shoot the weapon.

      Your Bergara HMR .22lr training rifle is an incredibly accurate weapon that is ideal for both beginners and experienced shooters alike. With proper care and precaution, your rifle will give you a lifetime of excellent service.