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      The Browning XBolt is a great rifle for hunting and shooting. It has many features that make it comfortable to use, but one issue you may run into is that the trigger pull weight isn’t what you expected it to be. This post will show how to adjust the trigger on your Browning XBolt so that you can get the perfect pull weight for your needs.

      For this, you’ll need a 2mm Allen Wrench.

      First, make sure the rifle is unloaded.

      Remove the magazine, and unscrew the two bolts to either side of the assembly. This should allow you to remove the trigger guard from the stock.

      At the front of the trigger, is an adjustment screw. Using your 2mm Allen Wrench, turn it clockwise to increase the trigger weight and counter-clockwise to decrease it. Once you’re satisfied, add some locktite or other sealant and re-insert the trigger guard.

      A final check after adjustment would be to cock the unloaded rifle and then drop the buttpad onto the floor. The rifle must remain cocked and not fire for it to be safe. If not increase the trigger pressure by turning the Allen key clockwise and repeat the process. Also check that the safety catch is still fully functional.