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      John Moses Browning was a living legend and the most prolific weapon inventor of the 20th century. The Browning name still carries on his legacy in the form of the myriad firearms that carry his iconic name. The Browning Citori 725 may be described as a step in the evolutionary ladder of John Browning’s B25 Superposed DBBL shotgun.

      The Citori 725 is now equipped with many highly innovative performance benefits such as the modern Low-Profile receiver. The receiver is significantly lower in comparison to most other Citori 12 gauge receivers. However, it is still every bit as durable as the many generations of Citori O/U shotguns that preceded it. This is not surprising because it comes with the same rugged and sturdy full-width hinge pin along with its trademark tapered locking bolt design.

      The shotgun’s low bore axis makes for lesser-felt recoil so that you feel truly one with your gun. At the same time, there is no sacrifice in the durability of this weapon. The Citori 725 is built to last for a lifetime of skeet and clay sessions. You can even use it in the field. Apart from its low profile receiver, the Citori 725 comes with many other value-added features:

      Inflex Technology

      It is equipped with Browning’s Inflex recoil pad. This system uses directional deflection to thrust the gun’s comb down so that it is steered away from your face. It substantially reduces felt recoil for unparalleled shooting comfort so that you can shoot faster and make those second shots more accurate.

      Triple Trigger System

      The fully adjustable Triple Trigger System (TTS) allows you to set the gun’s trigger shoe in one of three individual positions. It effectively enables you to fine-tune your finger-to-trigger reach as per your hand size. The three interchangeable trigger shoes are also included with the Citori 725 for optimum shooting comfort and precision.

      An Ergonomically Balanced Shotgun

      The shotgun’s low-profile receiver makes for an incredibly balanced feel in your hands. It does this by enhancing the shotgun’s natural pointability.

      High and Floating Rib

      The high floating rib offers increased visibility since the upper barrel doesn’t cover the target. The floating rib setup also offers considerably improved cooling to eliminate heat waves from distorting your visibility. In fact, this type of floating rib allows the barrel and rib to expand at different rates so there is less stress on the gun.

      Add to that a tapered locking bolt for extra strength and long service life, corrosion-resistant chromed chambers, and Vector Pro extra length forcing cones for better shot patterns.

      All in all, the Browning Citori 725 is one sweet package that will definitely help improve your performance in the field. In fact, you can rest assured that this shotgun is definitely a chip off the John Browning block!