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      It’s that time of the year folks! The clock is counting down as you race to finish your holiday shopping. But if you act now, you will have plenty of time to give your loved ones what they want before the stores run out of stock. If your friend circle consists of hard-to-shop-for people, this guide has you well covered and you can give them exactly what they want!

      So without further ado, let us take a quick peek at some of the most mouthwatering offerings for hardcore gun enthusiasts and home defenders alike:

      Ruger LCP Max: The Diminutive .380 ACP

      Ruger LCP MAX is a DAO (Double Action Only) semi-automatic weapon designed for deep concealment in situations when being unarmed is never an option. This is a lightweight, polymer-frame compact pistol. Chambered in .380ACP caliber, it comes with a 2.8 Barrel. The 10 rounder LCP MAX  is one of the smallest micro pistols around. Designed for consistent performance round after round, thanks to its double stack mag feed lips that feed everything quite reliably. Equipped with an integral trigger safety and 10 round capacity in a flush sitting mag. It’s your ideal hideaway gun when larger-sized options are not available.

      Ruger LCP MAX 90734 .380ACP 12Rd Magazine

      Sometimes, a few extra rounds can make a critical difference between life and death. If you have to go into harm’s way armed with only a small-caliber micro pistol, it makes a whole lot of sense to extract maximum mileage from your weapon. Enter the 12 round extended magazine for the Ruger LCP MAX .380 ACP pistol. The product adds a little extra real estate for your pinkie finger so you will have a firmer grip. This reliable extended mag is small and discreet enough to be carried in a pocket holster.

      Federal 5.56 55 grain Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail (FMJBT) Ammo Can (400 rounds)

      Federal’s excellent 5.56 ammunition is loaded with Lake City high-performance brass. It has been specifically designed for all training, target shooting, and plinking needs. This FMJ-BT ammo is fresh stock and filled with non-corrosive powder. It is available in boxer-primed brass cases for exceptional reliability. Federal’s FMJ-BT 5.56 caliber 55-grain rounds give great accuracy over other 5.56 rounds, while the boxer primed brass ensures perfect ignition. The heavy-duty box can seal the ammo so that it always remains fresh for years without losing any of its reliability, accuracy, and power.

      Taurus G3c T.O.R.O Edition 9mm 3.26 Blk 12rd

      The all-new Taurus G3CP931, T.O.R.O (Taurus Optic Ready Option) is one of the best  semi-automatic, striker fired weapons in its price range. A compact, 9MM pistol that comes with a 3.26 Barrel. Built on a polymer frame, with a thumb-operated manual safety, this sweet little Taurus pistol is as safe as it is reliable. The good people at Taurus INC. have created the optic-ready T.O.R.O edition for several RDS options. The weapon has a 12Rd capacity and comes with three Magazines. Best of all, it is backed by the proven reliability of the Taurus G3 platform.

      Taurus 1-G3P941 G3 15+1, 17+1 9mm Luger 4 Inch Black

      The Taurus 1-G3P941 has few competitors and hardly any superiors in its price range. A high-performance weapon that is built to last. It comes with a 1911 style thumb safety, trigger safety, and internal firing pin safety, making this weapon one of the safest and most secure platforms available in the market. It is equipped with a four-inch barrel and comes with a flush 15 rounder and an extended 17 round mag along with multiple T.O.R.O cuts for mounting optics. It is available in a discreet and unobtrusive matt black finish.

      Springfield Saint 5.56 16 Inch Barrel 30rd B5 Blk

      Springfield Armory has done it again with their new SAINT, Semi-automatic AR rifle chambered for 223REM/5.56 NATO. The weapon has been equipped with a 16-inch barrel. One that comes with a 1:8 Twist for utmost accuracy even at long distances. It has an A2 Flash Hider, and it’s available in a full matt black anodized finish. Other accessories include a B5 Mid-length handguard mated to a state-of-the-art M-LOK system. It sports a B5 Type 23 Pistol Grip that goes well with a B5 Bravo Stock. It also includes a top rail for scope or other optics and flip-up rear sights. Available with a 30 round magazine

      Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty AR-15 30 Round Mag (.223 REM/ 5.56)

      The MFT Extreme Duty mag has been named as such for a purpose. Its makers have used the best quality material and manufacturing processes to ensure enhanced durability, strength, and reliability. It exceeds even the most demanding military performance specifications. It has been adorned with the American Flag and it can handle the toughest tasks in the most extreme of environments. While designed for the AR15/M4 platforms, it can function reliably with a very wide range of non-AR15/M4 platforms as well. It is the ideal mag to take with you when you go into harm’s way.

      ATI Amend 2 223/5.56 30 Rounder Mag

      An inexpensive and reliable mag is the single most important accessory you can get for your AR platform rifle. The ATI Amend 2 30 round mags work with all AR platform rifles chambered for the .223 Rem and 5.56 calibers. It is easy to disassemble and clean. Moreover, it performs flawlessly in the field. Best of all, it is available for under 10 dollars so you can get plenty of them. You can even keep them loaded for extended periods of time without worrying about spring pressure.

      Lula SL 54B Strip Loader 10rd Mags: Steyr Aug

      Loading the AUG Steyr rifle has always been an arduous job due to its stiff springs. While ensuring exceptional reliability for both auto and semi-auto shooting, the mags were always difficult to load. This often led to busted thumbnails and aching fingers. All of that is now a thing of the past. Thanks to the Lula SL 54B loader strips. Now you can easily load up to 10 rounds at a time in your AUG Steyr magazine without worrying about your fingers. The more of them you have, the faster you will be able to reload all your mags!

      Winchester WM80 7.62X51 Caliber LC 20/25 149 FMJ

      Whether you want to zero your rifle, go plinking, with your high-powered weapon, or just make holes on target paper, Winchester’s WM80 is the ammo to you. Chambered for the 7.62×51 caliber, this 149 FMJ round can even be used to bring down large game (depending on state regulations) from a long distance off. The 7.62×51 has been one of NATO’s most successful sniper rifle calibers and is in active service to this day. Get these accurate and reliable rounds and become one with our heroes in uniform.

      There you have it, good people! Our round-up of some of the hottest deals in town for the shooting aficionado. Even if you don’t have one of those in your friend or family circle – any one of these mouthwatering offerings can easily turn even people who have never fired a weapon into willing enthusiasts. One who would be more than eager to look forward to their next range or hunting trip. While at it, you can also gift yourself a few of these amazing weapons and accessories. These are all holiday specials, so grab them before they are all gone!