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      The Browning name doesn’t need any introduction. After all, it has been a symbol of quality and cutting-edge innovation since the later part of the 19th century. 

      Over the years, Browning has built on its formidable reputation to become one of the best-known firearms makers in the world. Their Citori .410 gauge 725 model shotgun is yet another masterpiece form this iconic company.

      The Citori 725 comes suitably well equipped with many innovative and value-added features, especially its cutting-edge low-profile receiver. While it is certainly lower than most other O/U receivers in the market, it is extremely durable. In fact, it is as durable as just about any other Citori over/under shotgun receiver. 

      It is equipped with the same sturdy full-width hinge pin as well as Citori’s trademark floating rib that keeps the barrel cool, even during rapid-fire matches. 

      This low-profile receiver ensures a very low-bore axis for this shotgun, which means less felt recoil and a more comfortable shooting experience. Once you shoulder this gun, you won’t help feeling it’s an extension of your hand.  

      The Citori 725 can handle extensive skeet and clay sessions without missing a beat. This O/U is built to last, while its simple double barrel mechanism makes it extremely reliable. Some of its top features include:

      • Triple Trigger System

      Unlike other O/U shotguns, the Citori 725 doesn’t have a simple trigger but a complete ‘Triple Trigger System.’ One that enables you to fine-tune the shotgun’s trigger shoe in any one of 3 different trigger positions. The system has been designed to ensure optimal finger-to-trigger reach as per your specific hand size. 

      • Ergonomically Balanced

      The low-profile receiver creates a perfect sense of balance that you will feel every time you mount the weapon and swing it toward your target. The shotgun’s natural pointability would allow you to score more hits than ever before.  

      • Tapered Locking Bolt 

      Its locking bolt is tapered for extra strength and durability to ensure longer service life. Add to that its corrosion-resistant chromed chambers along with the ‘Vector Pro’ extra length forcing cones that help create much tighter shot patterns. 

      You can count on Browning Citori 725 to change your game and make you a better sports shooter and hunter. You can also use it to practice before the hunting season while busting clays and skeet to your heart’s content.