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First Responder signup

We want to show our appreciation for the many hard working individuals who keep our communities safely running.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication and would like to offer you exclusive access to a member’s only selection of products.  This area is free to use for our nation’s first responders.  We welcome anyone in the following lines of work to submit the form below, along with your credentials, to gain access to this area.
-All sworn Law Enforcement officers, including State, County, and Local
-All Federal LE officers (FBI, US Marshal, DEA, etc)
-All Retired LE officers
-All Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
-State-Licensed Security Companies
-State and locally-licensed security officers
-Active military personnel
-National Guard personnel
-Military Reserve personnel
-Disabled military personnel
-Officially retired military veterans
-Licensed Paramedics and EMTs
-Firefighters (including volunteers)
-Additional fire personnel, including Fire Marshalls and Arson Detectives
-First Responders
-County Coroners
-All TSA employees
-Commercial Pilot License holders, regardless of class
-Federal Flight Deck Officers
-Police Cadets

-District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys
-Federal/State/County/City Prosecutors with offical agency credentials
-Court Officer with official agency credentials

-NRA Certified Firearms Instructors
-LE Academy or college students with proof of enrollment in a criminal justice program

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