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We want YOU on our YouTube channel!  Share your expertise with the gun community for a chance to be featured by G4G in our new Customer Corner. We may even feature your video on our product page! Be featured in front of thousands of other gun loving G4G customers by sharing your knowledge and stories.

What we’re looking for:
Gun cleaning videos
Shooting demonstrations
Range first impressions
Tips and reviews
Stories! Did your gun save your life?  Did you take your grandma to the range and she out-shot the instructor? Tell us about it!


To be considered your video must meet the following criteria:
You must mention G4G Guns in your video
You MUST own the video you submit
We will not accept material bashing another business or company, speaking badly of another person, or political in nature
Do not include background music (YouTube doesn’t allow this)
Videos must be suitable for all audiences
By submitting your videos you are transferring ownership of your video to G4G to be used on our YouTube channel, website, or email marketing
Video files must be in MP4 format and good quality
G4G Guns reserves the right to reject any content deemed inappropriate or unsuitable

The user with the most published videos on G4G between now and Labor Day (September 6, 2021) will receive a $100 G4G Guns shopping credit!


  • Accepted file types: mp4.
    MP4, 100MB maximum size.