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      The last few years have seen the Brazilian Company Forjas Taurus ramp up its striker-fired pistol lineup. Their striker-fired offerings have come a long way since their Taurus 24/7 9mm offerings. After the resounding success of their G2C pistol, the company has come up with an even better and beefier sidearm. The Taurus G3 9mm.  

      While the compact pistols in the Taurus striker fired pistols line up have made a name for themselves, the company had not introduced an all-new full-sized striker fired variant for some time. That changed with the launch of the Taurus G3. 

      Most companies tend to create full-sized offerings and then make compact and subcompact variants of the same. Taurus did it the other way around by introducing the G2c first and then following up with the G3 full-sized version

      This pistol is only slightly larger than the Glock 19 and fractionally smaller than Springfield Armory’s XD 9. It also offers excellent ergonomics, but at a much smaller price tag than many of its $500 counterparts:

      Key Features

      Apart from its attractive price, the weapon has several features that make it a great choice for a self defense carry weapon.

      Restrike capability

      This is one of the top defining features that set apart many Taurus guns from most other striker-fired pistols available today. Taurus’s second-strike feature enables the weapon to revert to double action mode every time a round fails to fire.

      This means you won’t have to call ‘timeout’ in a gunfight and rack the slide to get back in the game. If there is a dud round, you will be able to shoot it in double action mode. The weapon will go back to single action mode for all subsequent shots.

      Triple safety system

      The G3 is equipped with multiple internal and external safety features to prevent accidental discharge of the weapon.

      It has a trigger safety that will allow you to squeeze the trigger only when you depress it all the way. Apart from that, it also comes equipped with a 1911 style thumb safety. Finally, there is an internal firing pin safety to prevent the striker from moving until you squeeze the trigger.


      Taurus offers this gun with a tri-dot sighting system. The white dots are visible even in low light conditions, while the rear sights are also drift adjustable.

      Trigger and grips

      The G3’s single-action trigger offers a clean break with almost no creep. The re-set is light enough for fast follow-up shots while the long slide and heft of the weapon prevent excessive muzzle flip. Finally, the grips are aggressively checkered to provide a firm grip for all hand sizes.


      The Taurus G3 is available with a flush 15 round mag capacity. Extended 17 round magazines are also available and they provide a comfortable grip for your pinkie finger.

      Ultimately, this is a pretty robust and reliable lightweight weapon. One that eats both FMJ and JHP rounds with equal ease. This budget 9mm will provide you with complete peace of mind.

      You can rely on it to defend your life in the gravest extreme.