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      Guns enthusiasts are no stranger to the Browning name. The eponymously named company was the brainchild of the most prolific firearms inventor who ever lived. In fact, John Moses Browning is the inventor of the modern firearms world as we know it today, and the Browning company’s X-Bolt Pro line up is a regular chip off the old block. The X-bolt rifle series carries the Browning legacy of legendary reliability, accuracy, and attention to detail.

      The X-Bolt Long Range Pro is the company’s latest X-Bolt offering, and it is chambered in the hard-hitting 6.5 Creedmoor caliber.

      The 6.5 Creedmoor is an extremely accurate round and requires a rifle that can take full advantage of its long-range precision capabilities. The long-range X-Bolt Pro LR steps up to the challenge to utilize the potential of this caliber. In short, this is a highly accurate rifle built for long-range accuracy.

      It has an attractive burnt bronze finish and comes equipped with proprietary barrel lapping. The stock and action are all Cerakoted, along with its fluted and heavy contour barrel.

      As the “LR” in its name signifies, this is the long-range version of the standard X-Bolt Pro. The key difference between the two is that the LR variant comes with a heavier profile barrel to ensure greater accuracy at longer distances. The good people at Browning have created this sleek and elegant weapon as a semi-custom rifle. They have also added several value-added specialized finishing touches to build an affordable and practical high-end rifle.

      Once you handle it, you will instantly see that the fit and finish of the weapon are vastly superior to most competing rifles. In fact, this is a premium offering that’s even better than other members of the top-level X-Bolt family.

      Why Should You Get an X-Bolt Pro LR Today?

      • This rifle comes equipped with a cutting-edge true carbon fiber stock
      • Its stock is not only very lightweight but it’s filled with recoil dampening foam to create a comfortable shooting experience – shot after shot
      • It sports a highly durable and attractive burnt Bronze Cerakote finish that covers the barrel, the action, and the stock.
      • The tough finish is almost impervious to the elements and easy to conceal in a hunting blind
      • The free-floating barrel gives it extra accuracy even at very long ranges
      • The recessed muzzle crown protects the internal rifling of the barrel from damage even if the weapon is dropped face down.
      • The barrel has been treated with Browning’s own proprietary lapping process so that the rifle will give consistent accuracy at every shot without ever requiring a break-in period.
      • This premium rifle comes with a three-lever ‘Feather Trigger’ system. The break is crisp and clean without any creep, so you can take that shot of a lifetime with absolute confidence.
      • The rifle’s in-built Inflex technology-equipped recoil pad aids in decreasing felt recoil to a considerable extent.

      The browning xbolt Long Range Pro is one of the best rifles in its price range for long-range sports shooters and serious hunters alike. Order yours today to enjoy the ‘Browning’ advantage!