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      Bergara’s HMR Trainer rifle has been built to similar size and specs as its more famous centerfire counterparts – albeit minus the high ammunition costs of shooting full power precision loads.

      This is a purpose-built weapon that you can use whenever you have access to a long-distance shooting range. You can train as much as you want to keep your skills razor-sharp for the time when you might need to rely on those skills with a big bore centerfire rifle.  

      The Bergara HMR rifle is made in Bergara, Spain, and has been equipped with some of the most accurate production barrels found anywhere in the world. The weapon comes with a 10+1 capacity and has an adjustable trigger that you can configure to your desired pull.

      The Bergara HMR Trainer: A High-Quality Precision Rifle

      The Bergara.22lr B-14R HMR Trainer rifle has been designed for one purpose alone. To be an extremely accurate full-size precision shooting rifle. Don’t let the ‘Trainer’ moniker fool you. It is an ideal rifle even for seasoned competitors.

      The rifle works perfectly well within the dimensions of the REM700 bolt-action rifle platform. This allows shooters to get the same feel in terms of size and action as their usual centerfire rifle. In fact, the HMR trainer has been configured to fit REM700 compatible bases, stocks, and triggers.

      This makes it a perfect platform for customization. Long-range bolt-action rifle shooting enthusiasts can customize their rifles with many different compatible accessories. Most of which are easily available on the market. Even the HMR’s mag has been built well within the s dimensions of a typical short action AICS mag.

      The heart of the gun is its exceptionally well-made 4140 18 barrel. It has a 1:16 twist rate that can easily stabilize the small .22 projectile. The stock comes equipped with an adjustable cheekpiece that can be customized for length-of-pull.

      Long-range shooting is rapidly becoming a popular sport. This way, you will be able to practice this exacting discipline while shooting highly affordable ammo.

      Bergara Spain has decades of experience in making incredibly accurate barrels. Their barrels are used by some of the leading gun makers in the US and Europe. They have a clear winner in the form of the bergara HMR bolt-action rifle.