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      The  Beretta A300 Outlander is a 12-gauge shotgun built for hunting and sport. It is a rugged and durable weapon that can withstand the harsh environment in the field. At the same time, it is both accurate and reliable enough for sports shooting.

      Beretta has combined affordability and incredible versatility in their A300 Outlander model shotgun. The weapon has been designed around Beretta’s core philosophy regarding shotgun maintenance. A shotgun should be easy to maintain, it should be capable of being cleaned quickly, and the whole process should be tool-free. The Outlander incorporates all of these features, which makes it such a versatile weapon. You won’t have to worry about opening and cleaning it, either on or off the field.

      The Beretta A300 Outlander: Ultimate Value for Money

      This is a very soft recoiling weapon, which makes it ideal for even novice shooters handling a 12 gauge for the first time in their lives. This semi-automatic shotgun is gas operated and the gas valve bleeds off the excess gases, thereby decreasing the recoil impulse quite substantially. It combines Beretta’s classic bolt with its own locked breech mechanism to ensure reliability with all kinds of high and low brass loads.

      Its new and improved gas valve comes with a self-cleaning cylinder and piston. The whole mechanism acts to remove the excess pressure caused by very powerful 3-inch shells, while its 3-inch chamber can handle even 3-inch loads with ease. It will enable you to shoot even full-power slugs without bruising your shoulders.

      It has been built via the cold hammering process for extra durability, so you will be able to depend on its flawless performance for many years to come.  Its robust and lightweight barrel is accurate enough to burst clays at the range, while it is reliable enough to feed even the lightest sporting loads. It will also work flawlessly with all kinds of target loads.

      The A300 comes with 3 different chokes as standard. They include F M and IC, MobilChoke Victory Choke Tubes.

      The A300 Outlander: A Sporting Shotgun with a Different Approach

      Unlike most other clay busters, this is not an O/U shotgun but a semi-automatic weapon with a smooth and consistent trigger pull.

      It is packed with value-added features such as a 30″ barrel with a clearly visible mid bead, and a very wide sporting rib. Its Micro-Core Sporting Pad allows you to shoot all day without any discomfort. Finally, its engraved receiver and beautiful stock set this gun apart from the rest of the sporting shotguns out there. 

      If you want a versatile, durable, and beautiful sporting shotgun in an affordable price bracket- the beretta a300 outlander is just the gun for you!