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      Browning recently released their new X-Bolt Long Range Pro rifle chambered in the powerful 6.5 Creedmoor caliber. This rifle follows the company’s tradition of making high-performance rifles for well over a century. 

      Like other Browning offerings, the X-bolt Pro is a very accurate rifle designed for big-bore precision. The weapon is at home both on the range and in the field. It is almost impervious to the weather thanks to its durable Cerakote finish. The heavy contour barrel is fluted and has its own proprietary barrel lapping for enhanced accuracy.  

      The Browning brand is arguably one of the world’s most famous names in the firearms user community. From the modern machine gun to the modern pistol, John Moses Browning invented it all! The X-Bolt is yet another feather in Browning’s cap and has been highly successful since its launch. This semi-custom rifle offers a whole range of features and some of them include the following:  

      1. Highly Accurate Barrel 

      This rifle has a free-floated barrel that is firmly bedded at both the rear and the front of the action for extra stability. This feature also helps to maintain the optimum ‘barrel to stock’ spacing to ensure consistent accuracy, shot after shot. The barrel itself sports a recessed muzzle crown. This way, you can protect the weapon’s rifling from any damage that would mar its excellent long-range accuracy.

      1. Feather Trigger and X-Lock Optic Mounting System 

      The accuracy of a rifle depends largely on the performance of its trigger. If the trigger is gritty and breaks differently after every shot – even a highly accurate rifle will not give the desired results. The X-Bolt has its very own three-lever ‘Feather Trigger’ system.  It has been specifically designed to provide a crisp and clean pull without any overtravel, creep, or long take-up. 

       Its unique X-Lock system has its own all-new quad screw base plate. It is a departure from the usual practice of using the more traditional duel screw system. This way, there is almost no chance of the scope losing its zero even after taking hard knocks since its bases are secured in four places instead of two.  

      Inflex Technology and 60° Bolt Lift

      This state-of-the-art technology minimizes felt recoil via its revolutionary recoil pad. The pad has been built to deflect the recoil forces in a specific direction.  It ensures that the stock comb pulls away from the operator’s face after every shot. This system also helps reduce muzzle climb and felt recoil for a more comfortable shooting expereince. 

      The short 60° bolt lift enables fast cycling speeds. This way, you would be able to work the bolt and load the weapon very quickly without worrying about the scope getting in your way.

      The Browning X-bolt Long Range Pro rifle is perfect for both practicing at the range as well as for taking that shot of a lifetime in the field.