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Our financing program offers many significant benefits to prospective buyers that can help make it easy, affordable, and convenient for you to add that new firearm to your safe.

With our gun financing through Credova, we offer you the ability to make easy regular monthly payments instead of paying one huge lump sum upfront. Don’t fret over that price tag – break it up into installments that you can manage according to your needs. Credova even offers simple management tools to figure out the payment plan that works best for you and your budget.

You can even get pre-qualified without affecting your credit score. No one wants to worry about dinging their credit while hunting for a great deal, so it’s just another feature we offer to help make it easier to afford the costs of gun ownership.

Our application process couldn’t be easier and can be done online before you even check out. You’ll be able to shop through options in the term of the loan, different monthly payment amounts and more. Choose the plan that best suits you and your financial situation with our gun financing. We understand that offering access to only one payment plan may not work for everyone. We’re flexible and work with you.

You can get approved for up to 5,000 dollars, fast.  All fees are fully disclosed up front in your contract so you can rest easy. There won’t be any hidden charges or fees you didn’t see coming, and best of all no prepayment penalties. You can buy out of your contract at any time without worrying about getting slammed with charges

With an easy application process and hassle-free plan options, forget to pick up your other shooting essentials while you’re here at G4G Guns. You won’t find a better selection or friendlier folks anywhere.